Liquid Soap: to bubble or not to bubble?

Liquid Soap: to bubble or not to bubble?

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble...... have you ever wondered how your liquid soap bubbles? It is due to the addition of Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS). This ingredient is a surfactant; it makes bubbles and foam. For most people this is fine. It is an ingredient that is added in very small quantities to help with the cleaning process and it also makes bubbles in your bath or gives you a wonderful foam when you use your shower gel. However, for some people (and actually a lot more people than realise) this ingredient can be a skin irritant. 

I use liquid soap A LOT !! I have a family, a dog and I love cooking, so I find I am constantly washing my hands at the kitchen sink. I used to always have chapped skin on my hands, with sore dry patches and I used to think that maybe I had mild eczema or something like that, but I WAS WRONG! Years ago before we started I read an article about SLSs and how it can irritate your skin and thought I would try soap without this ingredient and boy how hard it was to find such a soap. That journey led me to liquid Marseille soap which I tried and was duly amazed how my hands stopped being chapped and dry.

Liquid Marseille soaps are made with natural oils such as Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and this adds to the moisturising effect of the soap. They do NOT contain SLSs. I can say hand on heart that this has worked for me. No more chapped and dry sore hands. Yay!

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