Patchouli Soap with Organic Argan Oil



Patchouli is a classic oriental scent. It has a deep velvety warmth with sweet, woody and earthy tones. This is a lovely deep colour matching the sensuous fragrance and it goes really well with the Opium bar, the Monoi bar and Parfum d'Amour soap. The organic Argan Oil in this soap nourishes and moisturises your skin, leaving it delicately scented with Patchouli - wonderful.

Did you know that Patchouli is a green bushy herb of the mint family, native to Asia? It has delicate pinky white flowers and aromatic leaves that are used to create Patchouli oil, which was first brought to Europe via the silk route. Napolean Bonaparte (who was obviously in to perfumes - see our Violet soap!) first brought the scent to Paris. 

This is a very popular choice at Salon du Savon and if you love this wonderful scent you can also try it in our Room Fragrances, candles and reed diffusers.