Bergamot Scented Candle by Geodesis

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Bergamot - oh how we love Bergamot! 

This scented candle is absolutely divine. Bergamot is both citrus and tangy. An elegant scent with a floral twist made with exquisite Bergamot oil from the province of Reggio di Calabria in Italy. Bergamot is an essential component in most perfumes and is considered to be the finest of all citrus notes bringing freshness to a fragrance but also depth. It is an essential component of colognes. A fabulous scent.

Geodesis are all about perfume and they have been inspired by fragrances that are from all corners of the globe, bringing a range of unique, unusual and extremely refined perfumes together in their range of candles and diffusers. If you are looking for something different and stunning then this range is for you. 

Geodesis candles are made from a mineral and vegetable wax blend, presented in a glass jar. They are a very efficient clean burning candle. They use a cotton safety wick to prevent any overheating, 

180g with a burn time of 50 hours.