Oud and Sandalwood Selection - Big Chunky Organic Shea Butter Multibuy

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Great new multibuy of four big exotic, woody and aromatic soaps. Feel cleansed and rejuvenated each morning with these beautifully scented bars. Large natural exfoliating and moisturising bars of French Soap made with organic Shea Butter. 

Bois de Oud (Oud) exotic, musky scent of Oud 

Pepin de Raisin (Exfoliating Grape Seed) - made with organic Shea Butter and crushed grape seeds, one of our favourite soaps - it smells amazing!

Noix de Bresil (Exfoliating Brazil Nut) - delicious scent of butter cookies, almond and vanilla with wheat bran exfoliating pieces

Bois de Santal (Sandalwood) - classic Sandalwood fragrance. A combination of wood and spice.

4 x 125g unwrapped soaps