French Kitchen - Large Marseille Soaps Multibuy

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The classic flavours and aromas of the French kitchen: Olive, Lavender and Honey. These are wonderful big bath bars of Marseille soap with added Shea Butter for a creamy moisturising lather. Beautifully scented with natural fragrances and essences. A long lasting treat. These make great gifts too!

3 x 250g Marseille French soaps with Shea Butter: 

  • Olive - crisp, green, slightly fruity scent of Olive
  • Lavender - classic scent of Provence, aromatic and clean 
  • Honey - sweet unmistakable honey which is renowned for skin benefits (please note because of the honey content this soap is not vegan friendly) 

Please note that each bar is wrapped in clear plastic. We are working with the savonneries on changing this.