Aleppo Shower Gel - For Sensitive skin


This is our amazing Aleppo gel which so many of our customers with sensitive skin and scalps love. It is great for using in the shower and washing your hair. It protects the skin from dryness and is suitable for very sensitive skin. 

This product has been very difficult to get hold of due to the extreme conditions that Syria is suffering from, so our supplier in France recruited a team of Aleppo soap specialists and brought them to Provence where they now make this product. There is a slight change in formula with the addition of very small amounts of chelating ingredients to help bind the product together. The strong pungent smell of the previous product has now been reduced. This product is still exceptionally pure, made with Olive Oil, Coconut oil and Laurel Oil.

No parabens, no EDTA no SLS's, no fragrances, no colourings

Due to the slight change in ingredients, if you have very sensitive skin we recommend that you do a patch test before use.