Durance en Provence Collection

It is probably two to three years now since I first discovered Durance products and I have thought very long and hard about which products to sell, and what might appeal to you, the customer. With the help of my long suffering friends and family, we have tried and tested many of the Durance products; hand cream, foot cream body lotions, soaps and shower gels. What does shine through, time after time, is the how consistently good these products are - in fact I would go as far as saying that I have discovered some miracle products! First of all there was the wonderful hand cream, and more recently the peppermint and lavender foot cream! Both essential must haves! All the products in this collection are rich in olive oil, and it's good to hear that Durance is committed to the long term development of natural products. Their products are not tested of animals, and Durance have made a public commitment to protect the planet and be environmentally aware in every aspect of their business.

Durance en Provence products are produced in the small bastide town of Grignan in Haute Provence, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I was there in January of this year. It's a very picturesque and charming quaint old town, typical of the region. This small town rises up above the plane, surrounded by lavender fields, vinyards and truffle laden oak woods, with lots of cobbled streets, intriguing alleyways, topped off by a splendid chateau, and oh...... the sunshine; even in January warm enough to wander around without a coat! Just strolling around the place gave me a sense of well-being. Whilst taking in the breathtaking views from the ramparts, I was also watching the people of Grignan going about their day to day business all looking very happy and contented with their lot. Everything about the town appeared well ordered, good, and wholesome - a perfect place. Ever since that sunny January day I have been sold on everything about Grignan, especially the gorgeous Durance products - I'm sure you will be too!!