Geodesis Reed Diffusers

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Geodesis Luxury Reed Ambiance Diffuser 100ml. 

Geodesis Diffusers are decorative and easy to use. They will consistently scent the room using reed sticks immersed in a perfume and alcohol solution. The fragrance contained in this solution is absorbed by the sticks and is slowly diffused into the room, creating a delicate scent throughout the home. Available in ten delicate fragrances, each of these lovely diffusers come in a stylish box. To make the most of your diffuser, gently move the sticks to freshen the scent. Will last for two months or more. Made in France


Produced in France with rigorously selected raw materials, mainly of natural origin, Geodesis fragrances are in full compliance with the most demanding regulations and more specifically with the recommendations of the International Fragrance Association.

GEODESIS was born from the idea of associating a fragrance with a region of the world. A beautiful idea being nothing without a good product. The founders of the company, Émilie and Norbert Hiblot managed to stand out thanks to the quality of their unique fragrances and exceptional productions.


For 14 years, they have been developing their know-how in the often delicate process of scented candle and diffuser manufacturing.

This expertise allows GEODESIS® to count among the most prestigious brands of home fragrances and to maintain a consistent and lasting relationship with its customers.

The balsam fir forests of the Canadian frozen North to the fig-trees of the Greek Islands, the tea plantations of China or the grapefruit-trees of Florida and the flowery atolls of Polynesia...

We wish you a wonderful journey full of dream and emotions.


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