After Shave Balm - Sea Buckthorn by L'Ome, Durance

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Quite frankly guys - you better hide this cream from your wives/ girlfriends/ sisters because its packed with all the things that women want from a face cream at a fraction of the price! 

However - this is a superb moisturising cream is specially formulated for Men. It is a soothing and luxurious cream which is rich in nutrients ideal for using after shaving. It is moisturising and regenerative leaving your skin feeling smooth, supple and comfortable. 

Apply after shaving to dry skin, the balm's light and non-greasy texture will be easily absorbed. It has a soothing effect and helps to calm skin irritations caused by shaving and relieves razor burn. Its formula is enriched with Sea Buckthorn extract which has been proven to aid skin regeneration, skin healing, is anti-aging and soothes damaged skin (especially sun damage). It also contains  a number of nourishing, hydrating and healing active ingredients including antioxidant vitamin E, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.