Aromatic Verbena Eau de Toilette


Aromatic Verbena - a zesty, fresh and energising fragrance. Spritz this and feel like you conquer the world!

It's hard to convey a scent online so here are the fragrance notes from the perfumer which we think do help to give an idea of what this scent is about. 

  • Top notes (the first impressions when the perfume is sprayed, light top notes that soon evaporate) - Verbena, Orange and Lemongrass
  • Middle notes (the heart of the perfume) - Verbena, Geranium, Orange Blossom
  • Base notes (bring depth to a scent and take much longer to be perceived)  - Verbena and Jasmine
A beautiful fine perfume from Grasse, handmade in Provence with natural ingredients. These perfumes are amazing, the scents are pure and true and are extremely high quality. At such a fantastic price you can justify different fragrances for different reasons! 


Contains NO Parabens and NO Phenyoxyethanols