Fir Balsam Scented Candle by Geodesis

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Fir Balsam Scented Candle by Geodesis
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Fir Balsam is a deep woody scent with hints of citrus. It is a great all year round scent; woody and invigorating and is a best selling scent over Autum/Winter. A very useful cleansing scent that appeals to both men and women. Light it in the kitchen after cooking to banish lingering food smells, have in your bathroom to fill it with incredible scent (that even your teenage son will like) and if you have a fire this is the best candle to have lit - just think Alpine Lodge.......

We also have a diffuser and a refill in this range - perfect for creating atmosphere in your home. 

Geodesis are all about perfume and they have been inspired by fragrances that are from all corners of the globe, bringing a range of unique, unusual and extremely refined perfumes together in their range of candles and diffusers. If you are looking for something different and stunning then this range is for you. 

Geodesis candles are made from a mineral and vegetable wax blend, presented in a glass jar. They are a very efficient clean burning candle. They use a cotton safety wick to prevent any overheating.

Weight: 180 g
Burning time: 50 hours