Big Soap Box

  • Big Soap Box
  • Big Soap Box

Big Soap. Smells great. Washes you clean. Job done.

Big soap picked out by the men in our life for you. A big slab of natural Olive Marseille soap on twine, a big bar of pure Glycerine soap with Mint and Tea Tree Essential Oils ands a big bottle of natural Antibacterial Soap with Rosemary and Tea Tree.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? The gift contains:

  • Bottle of Natural Anitbacterial Liquid Soap - Rosemary and Tea Tree
  • All natural big Glycerin Bar - Mint and Tea Tree
  • Big slab of all natural Olive Marseille Soap on a twine 
  • Packed in a luxury black L'Homme Box with Lid