Black Liquid Soap with Olive Oil - General Purpose Household Cleaner

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Black Liquid Soap with Olive Oil - General Purpose Household Cleaner

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Black Liquid Soap made with Olive Oil is a general purpose household cleaning soap. It is natural, economical and biodegradable. It is made with Olive Oil and has no additives, it is a concentrated form of Olive Marseille soap. It is ideal for all cleaning jobs in and around the home; removing grease and stains, polishing surfaces, cleaning floors, cleaning BBQ's and outdoor furniture, washing rugs and carpets and leather. Outdoor patio areas and stone flagged areas. You an also wash laundry with this product. Please see the label for instructions. 

It has no fragrance added and the natural scent of this product is quite strong - reminiscent of an old fashioned soap smell. Some people do not like this smell so please be aware! Some people however LOVE it! I am thinking in particular of my friend's Father who absolutely loves this soap! 

This product can be used diluted or undiluted depending on the household job. Dilute 1 tbsp with upto 4 litres of water for general washing of surfaces, floors etc. Use undiluted in very small amounts on cleaning cloth/sponge for tough jobs such as cleaning the cooker hob, sinks, bathrooms etc. Use with a scrubbing brush for outdoor furniture either diluted or undiluted depending on the task in hand. (we used it undiluted with a scrubbing brush and a big bucket of water for a very dirty outdoor wooden table, my husband used it diluted in a large bucket of water for the plastic wicker garden furniture that was not so dirty). 

This is a concentrated cleaning fluid. Before use on carpets, rugs and varnished or untreated wooden floors we would advise a patch test to ensure that the colour/varnish is not lifted. Depending on your skin type you may want to wear rubber gloves when using this product particularly if using undiluted.

Can be used in diluted form on the following: 

  • Walls, floors, tiled floors (avoid varnished finishes and unvarnished wood), glass, leather, kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Silverware, copper and jewellery
  • Very effective cleaner for cooker hobs and greasy cooker hoods
  • Cast iron such as wood burning stoves, grates, BBQ grills etc. (I use it undiluted on our cast iron hob )
  • It can also be used to remove stains from clothing before washing
  • Natural insecticide for aphids, whitefly and other pests in your garden (use diluted in a spray). 
  • It can be used to wash animals to give them a shiny coat and eliminate some parasites (diluted only) 
  • Cleaning garden furniture and garden paths
  • Can be used for car washing - great shine finish
  • Effective cleaner for DIY tools, garden tools, paint brushes

This product is a traditional product and has been made in the Marseille region for over a hundred years, it is eco-friendly and biodedgradable (made from Olive Oil) and can very effectively replace other chemical cleaning products in your home.

Our black soap contains no colourings, fragrances, solvents, dyes or preservatives.

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1 litre

Not tested on animals


1 litre

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