Festive Scents boxed set of 6 French Organic Argan Oil Soap


Forget chocolates, give a box of French Soaps instead!

A set of 6 stunning posh French Market Soaps enriched with organic Argan Oil, presented in a contemporary Salon du Savon box with ribbon and Magic & Sparkle tag. All gorgeous, all top sellers. Appeal to both men and women. All soaps are made with natural ingredients, individually wrapped and Paraben free. 

A festive combination of Christmas spiced fragrances containing 6 x 100g organic Argan oil French soaps;

  • Vanilla - sweet and comforting
  • Cannelle (Cinnamon) - Christmas spice
  • Au miel (Honey) - rich, golden honey 
  • Musc Amber (Musk Amber) - exotic and soft 
  • Amande Douce (Soft almond) - Christmas marzipan!
  • Patchouli - Spiced and exotic 

6 x 100g soaps

PS ribbon may vary