Club Tropicana - 4 for £10 Organic Argan Oil soaps

£10.00 (was £12.60)

For that totally tropical experience! A great hot summer selection (even though we are in Yorkshire).........

4 x 100g organic Argan Oil soaps: 

  • Fleur de Lotus - This soap smells really fresh and clean, with watery notes and even a little bit of spice
  • Lait de Coco (Coconut Milk) - creamy soothing coconut soap, use this for your morning shower for a  fantastic start to your day
  • Monoi A classic tropical scent; hints of gardenia and coconut, absolutely love this fragrance!  
  • Mojito - Yes it's true! Crushed verbena make this an exfoliating soap with a fresh and ever so slightly minty scent