DAMAGED Stain Removing Soap - Marseille Soap Laundry bar, 300g

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DAMAGED Stain Removing Soap - Marseille Soap Laundry bar, 300g

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These bars may be dented, miscoloured or chipped, these slight damages do not affect the efficacy of the product. They are also without the cardboard band. 

This Marseille soap has been specifically designed for household use. It is a very typical soap that you find in the French Markets. It's composition is very specific and is effective at removing all stubborn stains on all types of textiles including ink, lipstick, grease & blood. We use this Laundry Bar regularly and it really does work. Because it is made of all natural ingredients it does not wreck your hands when you are doing hand washing (Hurrah!). It is also biodegradable and does not contain detergents so if you are wanting to have a more eco friendly lifestyle then washing with this soap is spot on.

How to use: wet the stained area with cold water (greasy collars and cuffs (yuk), grass stains on cricket whites, egg yolk on a shirt etc) rub the bar of soap over the stain to get a good coating of soap, leave for 10 - 15 minutes and then pop in the normal wash or hand wash as normal. I find this soap very effective on cricket stains and oily stains.