Organic Anti-ageing Rosehip Face Oil - Made naturally in France by Finessence (50ml)

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Organic Anti-ageing Rosehip Face Oil - Made naturally in France by Finessence (50ml)
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Anti-ageing treatment, use as part of your daily beauty regime. This oil is formulated for use on face.  Rosehip (Rose Musk) Oil is an anti-oxidant and revitalizing oil that strengthens the elasticity of the skin to prevent the skin ageing. It promotes the regeneration of the epidermis, nourishes and restores tone and elasticity to the skin. It is particularly effective on dehydrated skin or ageing skin, stretchmarks, scars, fine lines and wrinkles and delivers deep moisturising and rehydration. It is classed as a dry oil meaning it is easily absorbed into the skin so suitable for use morning or night. This oil has no scent.

Night: Our preference is to use this product at night to enjoy the soothing effect on the skin. Warm a couple of drops of oil on your fingertips and gently smooth over a cleansed face (avoiding the delicate eye area). Let the oil absorb into skin. 

Day: in the morning after cleansing the face apply one or two drops (less than night use) and let it sink in to your skin. You can then use your own moisturiser/sun protection/make up as normal. 

Anti-ageing active serum made with 100% organic Rosehip Oil. Keep in a cool dark cupboard, avoid leaving it in sunlight. Once open use within 6 -12 months. 

About Finessence: a specialist Aromatherapy and Essential Oils company that was set up by Rodolphe Balz an expert Aromatherapist and David Lorenzi a Pharmacist, who both shared a passion for nature and the power of plants. Finessence products are of the highest quality and only 100% pure organic essential oils are used in their formulae. All ingredients are ethically sourced with concern for the environment. Finessence is based in Provence and we are thrilled to bring you these great products. 

50ml pump bottle in box.

Anti-ageing active serum made with 100% organic Rosehip Oil