Fresh Linen scented room spray



Fresh Linen - this is so very aptly named. A squirt of this room fragrance is just like the wonderful homely scent of clean fresh linen. This is a reassuring and comforting scent with hints of lily of the valley, lavender and musk. It is a clean and crisp fragrance. Fabulous for spritzing around your home after a good cleaning session! 

Durance are a family owned company specialising in perfumes and toilettries, the perfumes in the Home range are of exceptional quality, made with natural ingredients and essential oils. We find these room sprays practical and effective with a strong and long lasting fragrance after spraying. 

Made in Provence with fragrances from Grasse

100ml in a glass bottle. 

Unfortunately due to the perfume content (alcohol based) this product cannot be shipped outside of the UK.