Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Durance

  • Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Durance
  • Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Durance

Catalytic Fragrance Lamps from Durance en Provence, or in French - Lampe Marveilleuse. A stylish way to cleanse, purify and scent the air in in your home. 

This boxed Catalytic Fragrance Lamp contains:

- A clear glass stylish bottle with a decorative metal diffuser top and a stopper cap - this is a good sized bottle 9cm x 9cm x 12cm

- A cotton wick burner and a funnel

- Presented in a box, perfect for a gift.

Please note: this product is the lamp only. Please choose your perfume separately. Only use perfumes specially designed for Catalytic Lamps click here to see our range.

Catalytic lamps use the process of combustion without a flame or smoke to actively clean the air in your home. They are very effective in large rooms and in areas where you may have stronger odours (from animals or cooking). The catalytic action purifies the air by destroying airborne molecules - the mechanism was invented in Paris in the 1890s for cleansing and disinfecting the air in hospitals and was made famous by Lampe Berger. These catalytic lamps have been proven to destroy airborne bacteria, mould and odours. 

HOW TO USE: Please follow instructions on the box very carefully. Ensure your lamp is on a flat surface and away from any combustible materials. 

  1. Using the funnel pour the perfume into the glass bottle
  2. Insert the cotton wick into the bottle so that the cotton wick is fully immersed in the liquid. Put the stopper cap on (if you do not put the stopper cap on your perfume will evaporate) and leave for 30 minutes for the wick to soak. 
  3. After 30 minutes, ensure your lamp is on a flat heat resistant surface, remove the stopper cap and light the burner. NEVER leave the burning lamp unattended. 
  4. After 2 minutes BLOW out the flame, do NOT use the stopper cap or decorative top to snuff out the flames. Do NOT cover the burning flame with the decorative top, this is dangerous and will damage the decorative top.
  5. Once the flame has been blown out put the decorative top on the glass flask, be aware that the flask will be hot even though the flame has been blown out. It will continue to be hot as the wick draws perfume up through the cotton wick. Your lamp is now cleaning the air and scenting the room.
  6. Leave the lamp working for 1 minute per square metre of space - up to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes turn off your lamp - take off the decorative top CAUTION this will be HOT and put the stopper cap onto the lamp. This completely stops the burning process and prevents further evaporation of the perfume.
  8. Top up the lamp regularly. Do not run your lamp completely dry as this damages the wick.