Lemon and Herb Organic Shea Butter Multibuy

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Great new multibuy of four big zesty herbal soaps made with organic Shea Butter. Feel cleansed and rejuvenated each morning with these fresh and invigorating soaps. Large natural exfoliating and moisturising bars of French Soap, all plastic free.

Citron Basilic (Lemon Basil) - get your summer herbal hit from this amazing new soap

Verveine Broyee (Crushed Verbena) - made with organic Shea Butter, verbena extracts, crushed verbena leaf and Grape Seed Oil

Romarin Broye (Exfoliating Rosemary) - made with Rosemary, Rosemary Leaf  and organic Shea Butter

Citron Broye - made with organic Shea Butter, lemon and orange zest and oils. Please note this contains wheat bran flakes (exfoliant). 

4 x 125g unwrapped soaps