Orange Blossom Perfume for Catalytic Lamp



Specialist perfume for use in a Catalytic Lamp or Perfume Lamp.

There is something so intoxicating about a really good Orange Blossom scent. This scent has the sweet floral high note of fresh blossoms that are so abundant in the springtime in Provence. The scent has hints of green citrus, petitgrain and honey. Did you know that orange blossom, petitgrain and neroli scents are very effective at helping to reduce anxiety?

This perfume is specially formulated for use ONLY in a Catalytic Lamp. Click HERE to see lamp.

Did you know? The Catalytic Lamp uses the process of catalysis: a combustion, without flame and smoke to clean the air in your home. The combined action of the proven burner and lamp fragrances* which have been developed by Durance are very effective at eliminating even the most persistent bad odours and leave a long lasting fragrance in the air for hours after use. 

(* Independent laboratory test: 6 times less odours in 30 minutes of use)

500ml bottle