Rhubarb French Soap with Organic Argan Oil


Yes it's true - RHUBARB!

Yes OK we are based in Yorkshire and are loud and proud of this fact which is why we could not resist this Rhubarb French Soap ! Oh how it made us smile. And would you believe it? It really does smell of rhubarb! Sweet, delicate, slightly fruity. Very very good. 

But - on the serious side - this is a great bar of soap. Beautifully made Savon de Marseille with added organic Argan Oil making this a real moisturising treat for your skin. Great gift for Dads and Grandads as well as the girls! 

The organic Argan Oil in this range is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants making it a great soap for all skin types. Try this soap with some of our other fab soaps - such as Citron Vert or Grapefruit. Also very good with the NEW Mojito (yes!!)