Rose Petal candle


Rose Petal - beautiful soft floral rose, long lasting and lingering scent, making you feel all dreamy and romantic. Forget the hoovering just for a moment .....

We have been testing this candle and we can report back to you that we have been very impressed. We tried it in a large room and it filled the room with the most delightful scent; however on top of that when we went into the room 24 hrs later we were amazed to find that the room was STILL full of the most amazing rose perfume. 

NEW to Frenchsoaps. Natural hand-poured scented candles from Plantes & Parfumes. Made in Provence using cotton wicks, pure Soy wax without paraffin and natural fragrances from Grasse.

180g burn time approx 40 hours

Handmade in Provence