Lavender Essential Oil Scented Candle

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Lavender Essential Oil Scented Candle
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With relaxing lavender essential oil

Relax and de-stress, light this scented candle with lavender essential oil and let the aromatic fragrance fill your room with calm. Beautiful candles in a pretty box.

NEW Panier des Sens in Provence; a pretty range of body care and perfumes inspired by the natural resources and artisan expertise of soap making and perfumery in Provence. Using local and regional ingredients many of which are organically grown and eco-friendly processes and packaging. We love it and hope you do to. 

180g approx 45 hour burn time

Never leave a lit candle unattended, keep away from flammable surfaces and do not place near curtains or fabric. Keep the wick trimmed to no more than 5mm. To get the most of your essential oil scented candle, light for a maximum of 3 - 4 hours.