Sea Buckthorn Original - L’Òme Men's Eau de Toilette


Its BACK with a NEW look but most importantly the same amazing fragrance! 

The Sea Buckthorn fragrance is the original fragrance for men developed by Durance and is a best seller. It is a wonderfully fresh and light scent with hints of fruits and berries. 

Ghenghis Khan relied on three treasures; well organised armies, strict discipline and Sea Buckthorn (yes it's true!!)  It was believed that the oil made his soldiers stronger and more agile than his enemies. Today we are discovering more and more benefits and uses for this thorny plant and juicy berry which grows wild in the Southern Alps.  The clever people at Durance have used it to make this sophisticated mens fragrance, fresh and light, with a gentle hint of fruit and spices a very popular scent.

Made with organic Sea Buckthorn extract.

These Men's fragrances are a real find, they contain NO Parabens, NO Phenoxyethanols and NO PEG (Polyethelyene Glycol) and Aluminate free. They also contain no colourings.