Small Neroli Glass Jar Candle by Geodesis (made with natural Coconut Wax)


NEW SIZE perfect for gifting and travelling

Neroli is a classic pure scent, made with the Essential Oil extracted from the orange blossom of the bitter orange tree. A sensual floral scent, with a fresh edge, fabulous all year round fragrance for your home. Also available in diffusers and refills. 

These candles are made with all natural wax in brown glass jar with a screw top lid. Strong pure scenting from this sensational perfumer brand. Innovative vegetable wax composed of coconut and apricot kernel oils, completely natural composition for a long burning candle. These candles are very attractive, perfect for adding a stylish touch to your room or for gifting. 

Geodesis are all about perfume and they have been inspired by fragrances that are from all corners of the globe, bringing a range of unique, unusual and extremely refined perfumes together in their range of candles and diffusers. If you are looking for something different and stunning then this range is for you. 

Weight: 90g
Burning time: 25h