St Germain Men's Selection - 4 for £10 Organic Argan Oil soaps

£10.00 (was £12.60)

This selection is so cool you can imagine yourself strolling down the Boulevard St Germain mixing with the elegant crowd....... just don't wear your crocs! Buying French soaps in a multibuy saves over 20% off the individual price, making this selection ever more cool!

4 x 100g organic Argan Oil soaps: 

Pastis  - Can't get more French than Pastis! Strong aniseed fragrance which clears your head in the morning! 

Verveine Citron (Lemon Verbena) the fragrant plant Lemon verbena which gives its lemon-fresh, clean scent.

Argile Verte (French Green Clay) fresh, sharp, zingy and clean

Sauvage - Manly scent smells like cologne, very popular