Tuberose Extra Large Diffuser by Geodesis (500ml)

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An absolute favourite of us all and now available in the Extra Large luxury version. Very stylish 500ml diffuser.

The intoxicating fragrance of Tuberose is sweet, musky and honey-like, with spicy undertones. It is so popular and a great all year round scent. It is a sophisticated scent, subtle but very notable - to me a good Tuberose is an unmistakeable fragrance which I find utterly spellbinding!

Geodesis is a relatively unknown name in the UK, they are an extremely high quality French perfumer and their scents are very special. They hold their own when compared to the much bigger French perfumers such as Diptyque. Geodesis perfumes are amazing, they are strong, long lasting and pure. We find that once people find them they are hooked. We defy you to find a better Tuberose scent! 

500ml glass diffuser with white reeds