Fer a Cheval

Fer a Cheval is the oldest and most renowned Savonnerie in Marseille, famous for their 'Hero' product, Traditional Savon de Marseille.

Recently awarded EPV, 'living heritage' status, a recognition from the French state for French companies that have an artisanal or industrial know-how of excellence and a founding member of the Union of Savon de Marseille, Fer a Cheval are champions of authentic traditional soap making, and the leaders and authority on Savon de Marseille and a cornerstone of Marseille's culture.

As the industry leader they make Savon de Marseille for other brands, you will see this stamped 'Fabrique en Fer a Cheval' on the cubes, however the formulations are different for all their clients. In the UK you will find two of these brands, La Maison du Savon de Marseille with a 70/30 oil formulation split 70% Olive Oil and 30% Coconut Oil where as Foufour consists of a 70/30 split of 70 % Olive Oil, 20% Coconut Oil and 10% Sustainable Palm Oil. 

Fer a Cheval's Savon de Marseille is exclusively made with 100% pure Olive Oil and is only available online in the UK through us.
The 'Natural' Savon de Marseille is made with 100% Sustainable, responsibly sourced, Palm Oil.

As with any growing and evolving brand, Fer a Cheval have diversified from their 'hero' product whilst keeping their core authenticity. The range now includes natural fragranced soaps for hand body and home all using the expert know how of their soap masters. 

Shop the full collection here or watch below the making of Traditional Savon de Marseille at the Fer a Cheval Savonnerie in Marseille. If you are in the area they do regular tours you can book on to witness this in person.