Packaging - recycled and biodegradable

We only use recycled/recyclable and biodegradable packaging in our orders.

Our boxes are all made from recycled material. We recycle all our boxes that product arrives in - you may find your order arriving in one such box. We also use any other boxes that arrive at our own houses as long as they are suitable. To us - as long as the box is clean and robust then we can use it. Please don't be offended if your product arrives in a hand-me-down box! We are saving the planet! 

We now use brown paper infill in most cases to pad a parcel, we also use various types of corrugated card to protect bottles and provide cushioning. All of this can go in the recycle bin.

If needed we use a biodegradable void fill (looks like an off white whotsit!) this is a 100% biodegradable product made from plant cellulose and it can can go on your compost heap or in the compost bin.

Regarding products wrapped in plastic, yes it is absolutely on our list of things to do but it is a tricky one for us as many of our bars of soap are wrapped in plastic by the savonnerie to keep the product fresh and clean. We are pleased to say that we have now significantly expanded our range of plastic free soaps so you now have plenty of choice. We are continuing to working with our suppliers on this issue.