Black Liquid Soap

Black soap is a universal, versatile and cost-effective cleaner: just a small dose is enough to clean, degrease, nourish and polish all surfaces around the home and garden. It is also an amazing stain remover for laundry, especially effective on tough stains. Formulated with natural olive oil extracts, it makes an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical detergents.

Here are some practical tips:

Kitchen, bathroom, pans, barbecue: add a teaspoon of soap to a sponge, rub to remove the grease and rinse with hot water.

Floors (tiles, terracotta tiles, wooden floors, laminate flooring): dilute 1-2 teaspoons of soap in 5l of hot water then leave to dry without rinsing.

Laundry: apply a small amount of soap on the stain, rub gently with a sponge, leave to work for several minutes before washing the item in a machine or by hand.