Candles from France

Surprise! We're not just about soap! See our full Candle range here.

In our opinion no one does candles quite as well as the French; they combine their perfume excellence with a heritage of candle making. We've got a range of fabulous scented candles in an array of scents perfect for the season like Orange & Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Salted Caramel (yes!) as well as the classic fragrances of Provence such as Lavender, Verbena, Rose and Fig.

Candles are perfect for creating atmosphere with their soft glow and scents for every mood; to detox and invigorate your home, to freshen your kitchen whilst cooking, to bring sophistication and elegance in the evening or for relaxing in a warm bath at night. 

Our Marseille candles are hand made for us with natural Soy wax and fragrances from Grasse, they are handpoured and the wicks added by hand. They come in the classic fragrances of Provence: Rose, Verbena, Lavender, Fig, Cedar and more. They are 155g with a burn time approx 35 hrs. We visit this supplier regularly, they are a family owned business based in Provence.

Geodesis candles are made in Vannes in Brittany by a husband and wife team. They are perfumers and have developed a range of exquisite scented candles based on fragrances from around the world. Their candles have acquired a strong following and are renowned for strong long lasting fabulous scents that hold there own against the likes of more famous brands such as Diptyche and Cire Trudon. Geodesis candles are 220g and have a burn time of 60 hrs.

We have an exclusive range of Plantes & Parfums candles in an array of seasonal and classic scents. These are very pretty Provence candles, all hand made and hand poured with natural Soy wax and fragrances from Grasse. We have visited this perfumer based near Mont Ventoux in Provence and watched these candles being made. They are 180g and have a burn time of approx 40 hrs

Durance is another Provence company priding themselves on natural ingredients and artisan processes. We stock a range of Durance candles especially Christmas candles. Weights vary, please see product description for more details. 

Safety Note: Please take extreme care with lighted candles. Do not place near any fabrics such as curtains and lampshades and away from any combustables, such as paper. Never leave candles unattended and avoid moving candles once lit.