Maison Berthe Guilhem is an artisan family savonnerie that hand make all their soaps. 

Berthe Guilhem made her first goat's milk soaps in 1956 alongside ointments and the famous gardener's  balm. Initially she made all the products for herself, her children, friends and neighbours. 

Today Marc & Jean-Luc, Berthe Guilhem's grandsons, and their families, continue using her original methodology and recipes that adhere to strict and uncompromising respect for their formulations and for the environment.

Their believe  "you can work in a human-sized laboratory, maintain an artisanal identity while manufacturing effective, efficient and state-of-the-art organic cosmetic products."

Marc Guilhem, grandson of Berthe Guilhem, is also a former student of the European Center for Applied Naturopathy


Creamy and durable, our soaps are made by hand
Maison Berthe Guilhem use a cold saponification method; The combination of organic vegetable oils and organic goat's milk in an unaltered state gives them exceptional results. Always cold, the formulation is kneaded before being vigorously pressed and molded. The soaps are hand cut and stamped after several weeks of drying. Their lifespan is extended due to their low percentage of humidity (8 to 10%).

100% natural ingredients
They make all their own infusions, decoctions, macerations and mother tinctures ensuring  they make the best use of their natural properties.

What is cold saponification?

Cold saponification is the result of a mixture of soda in water, then later in oil. This manufacturing method is called Cold Saponification because it does not use the heat like traditional Savon de Marseille: The heat is naturally induced by the addition of soda to the water and then to the Oil that raises the temperature of the mixture until it blends. Once this process has occurred the ‘soap’ is left to dry for several weeks before Organic Goats Milk and other ingredients for example Avocado Oil, Shea Butter or Essential Oils are added.

Certified organic natural artisanal know-how

The Berthe Guilhem laboratory is certified to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (A.N.S.M.). The majority of products are labeled COSMEBIO and certified organic QUALITÉ FRANCE and COSMECERT. At each stage of their manufacture, they are subject to dermatological tests and quality controls proving their safety. These tests, carried out by an independent laboratory, are done on healthy volunteers.

Berthe Guilhem: highly organic products

Maison Berthe Guilhem ensures the quality of its products and their composition. They all contain between 55% and 100% organic ingredients, which is very important compared to the 20% needed to obtain an organic certification!