Free From ranges

We are often asked by customers whether our products are FREE FROM a variety of different things. It is not possible to satisfy every need but we do have a good range of products that meet lots of different requirements.

Please note that ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are Paraben free and are not tested on animals

Pretty much all of our products are VEGAN friendly apart from products that contain honey and Donkey's Milk and these products are clearly notified.  We have candles that are made with 100% plant based waxes, fragrances that are Phenyloxyethanol free, our cardboard boxes are recycled and our void fill (that we sometimes have to use to pack your order) is 100% biodegradable and can go on the compost heap it is plant based (cellulose). 

Gluten & Nuts.

A couple of our exfoliating soaps do contain grain. Call us if you need any clarification or have any concerns. 

We pride ourselves in working with small suppliers who use natural ingredients like Olive oil, traditional methods such as drying soap on wooden racks in the warm air, and minimal packaging. 

Our FREE FROM products are under the following sections for ease of shopping:

Free From Plastic - click HERE

Free From SLSs (sulphates) - click HERE

Free From Palm Oil - click HERE

Free From EDTA's and colourings - click HERE

Free From Mineral Wax - click HERE