Aleppo Soaps (Pain D'Alep)

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Aleppo Soaps are precious soaps handmade in Syria following ancient and unchanged processes, using only olive oil and laurel oils. Hand cut and hand stamped blocks are aged and air dried for 9 months. They have a deep characteristic fragrance, a golden brown exterior and a glossy emerald heart (slice your bar in half to see this amazing feature). 

This famous, ancient soap Savon d'Alep takes its name from Aleppo in Syria where it has been made for thousands of years following ancient methods and tradition. Aleppo soap has been known, loved and used by the French for hundreds of years.

Sadly the ancient city of Aleppo is now known for devastation and human suffering from constant bombing campaigns in the war that is tearing Syria apart. But this city cradled amongst the hills of northern Syria used to be the home of some of the finest Olive Oil Soap producers in the Middle East. Laurel & Olive Oil soap has been produced in Syria for over 1300 years. The traditional large blocks of soap are made by hand using ancient methods; Olive oil and Laurel oil are cooked in huge cauldrons with soda from sea salt triggering the saponification process. When the paste is ready it is poured onto the floor where it cools and hardens, then cut into blocks and stamped with the mark of the producer. It is then stacked in towers to aerate and dry for 9 months in ancient cool and breazy cellars. As the soap ages it hardens and the colour transforms from an olive green to a beautiful deep gold/brown.

Aleppo soaps contain no animal fats, or unnecessary chemical additives. They are luxurious, mild, & gentle soaps with incredible purity and moisturising properties, ideal for sensitive skins. To see our full range of Aleppo soaps click here.

Aleppo soap is a fabulous product, made by amazing people in an amazing place. We are devasted by the situation in Syria and the hardship and trauma that families are facing. For every Aleppo product sold we are making a donation to the Hand in Hand for Syria Charity (charity no. 1145862). This is a non political organisation that provides medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian families in Syria and fleeing the country. We hope it helps.