Durance en Provence Collection

At French Soaps we have a large range of Durance products. Durance is based in the heart of Provence in Grignan and takes its inspiration and ingredients from the wonders of nature - lavender, rose, verbena, jasmine, olive, all grown locally. The essence of Durance is natural ingredients: all products contain at least 95% natural ingredients, they are paraben free, SLS free and propylene glycol free. Many of the products contain organic ingredients. All of this is important to Salon du Savon. We look for products that are French, natural and fragrant - but above all, products that are a pleasure to use.

Try the Durance range at Salon du Savon for home perfumes, room sprays, diffusers, candles, pillow sprays and other scented home products. The fragrances are pure and simple. The Jasmine smells pure and sweet, the Verbena fresh and vibrant, the Patchouli warm and spiced. The fragrances are long lasting, the bottles pretty. These products make great gifts - large or small. 

Our Durance liquid Marseille soaps and matching hand lotions are very popular, made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, they are kind and gentle on your skin. Try our best sellers: Verbena, Olive, Lavender or go for something a bit unusual or seasonal like Fig, Violet and Licorice or Rose. All a delight and available in different sizes making them a perfect choice from the kitchen sink to the guest bathroom.