Fragrance Chart

How to “make over” your home, take a tip from the French: layering fragrances

Choose different fragranced products from the same fragrance group e.g. if you like Floral then choose a range of products across the three floral scent categories; floral, soft and sweet. In your home light a Mimosa candle and a Rose Petal candle and place a Tilleul diffuser on the window sill. In your shower or bathroom choose a Cherry Blossom room spray with a Rose liquid soap and Eglantine, Violet and Soir d’Ete bars of soap all from the Argan Oil collection. Hanging in the spare room you might have a Fleur d’Orange scented sachet. For evening sophistication light a Tuberose candle and just before bed, spray your pillows with Rosebud pillow fragrance.  All of these scents around your home will be different but within the same fragrance group - so they all work together to give you a fabulously fragranced home. 

Its great to use the Fragrance groups to try new scents and to use different fragrance combinations to match moods and seasons. As the nights draw in we are drawn to warmer deeper scents with wood and spice notes, why not give products from the woody and aromatic fragrances a try? The festive season allows us to be bolder with stronger richer smells, a fantastic time for cinnamon, cedar, ambers and incense notes. But don’t be afraid to use these scents all year round, see from the fragrance chart how many of these fragrances have lighter, sweeter sides to them, making them perfect products for all year round use. A great example of this is one of our best selling room sprays Lavender and Olive by Savon de Bormes (from the Aromatic fragrance group).

We hope the Fragrance Chart helps you to experiment and try layering fragrances in your home. This is an easy way to transform your home and try out new fragrances that you will love. 



Description What does it smell like?  How does it make you feel? Some ideas for you for layering your fragrances
Floral Fresh cut flowers Bright and breezy reminding you of spring and summer time and the warm sun on your skin, bees buzzing in the field Cherry Blossom candle and diffuser, Tilleul candle and diffuser, Honeysuckle, Tilleul or Rose Petal Marseille soaps, Rosebud Pillow Spray by Durance
Floral soft Soft, powdery scent; Comforting, traditional floral smells, reminding you of childhood times  Eglantine or Rose soaps and Eternal, Lily of the Valley, Maman and Desire de Plaire organic Argan Oil soap, Rose Petal Diffuser and Candle, Fleur de Coton Diffuser and Candle, Violet soap from our Shea Butter and Argan Oil collections.
 Floral sweet Sweet slightly spiced floral notes with musky warmth. Heady florals. Sophisticated. Tuberose candle and diffuser by Geodesis, Mimosa candle and diffuser, Fleur de Lotus Argan Oil Soap, Lait de Coco, Jasmin, Fleur d’Orange organic Argan Oil soap,  Fleur d’Orange drawer sachet by Durance, Fleur d'Orange Diffuser.


Description What does it smell like?  How does it make you feel? Some ideas for you for layering your fragrances
Oriental soft Incense and amber  Sensuous and warm  Monoi, Musc Blanc, Ange and Musc Ambre from the organic Argan Oil soap collection, Amber candle by Geodesis
Oriental sweet Vanilla, ginger, sugary warm. Heady, slightly fruity deep scents  Warm and luxurious   Bitter Almond Marseille soap, Provence Delight candles, room sprays and diffusers, Fig Tree candle and diffusers by Geodesis, Fig, Honey and Vanilla soaps.
Oriental spiced Rich and complex smells that are deep, warm and gently spiced Exotic and mysterious  Patchouli candles, diffusers and soaps, Orange and Cinnamon diffusers, candles and soaps, Opium, Patchouli and Cinnamon Argan oil soap. Clove Tree diffuser and candle Geodesis


Description What does it smell like?  How does it make you feel? Some ideas for you for layering your fragrances
Woody Aromatic woods, leather and woodsmoke. Deep scents which could be described as masculine Warm and snug Mens Eau de Toilette L’Ome Vetiver Zest, Havana reed diffuser and candle from Geodesis, Sandalwood diffuser and candle, Santal soap, Agar Wood candle and Fir Balsam candle by Geodesis


Description What does it smell like?  How does it make you feel? Some ideas for you for layering your fragrances
Aromatic Fern, woody, grassy and herbacious smells; powerful and aromatic. The smell of freshly grown grass and the fragrant notes of lavender. Quite often with a citrusy edge.  Covers all bases - can be invigorating as well as calming, and zingy, fresh and cleansed Herbes de Provence, Rosemary, Thyme, Olive de Provence and Lavender soaps. Lavender and Olive Essential Oils Room Fragrance by Savon de Bormes, Garrigue and Pine Diffuser and candles.


Description What does it smell like?  How does it make you feel? Some ideas for you for layering your fragrances
Fresh citrus Citrus, sharp, sweet  Zesty, energetic and invigorated. Verbena in candles, room sprays and diffuser, Bergamot candle by Geodesis, Lemon and Ginger liquid Savon de Marseille by Durance, Citron Broyee, Citron and Citron Vert soap, Mens Eau de Toilette L’Ome in Sea Buckthorn by Durance
Fresh fruity Sweet fruity fragrances of berries and other non citrus fruits Cheerful, uplifting, fun  Strawberry, Pepin de Raisin, Peach, Raspberry, Mon Cheri are just a few of our fabulous fruity soaps from the Organic Argan Oil collection. Tomato leaf soap and Apple soaps.
Fresh green Grassy, mint, leafy smells Energised, bright and breezy, fresh daytime feeling Green Tea, Tea Tree and Pastis soap from the Argan Oil collection, Olive Oil Liquid soap from Durance. Mens Eau de Toilette L’Ome in Fresh Mint and Spiced Absinthe from Durance.
Fresh water Fresh, clean and pure Cool, refreshed, like a breath of fresh sea air with a hit of ozone Aux Algues, Marine, Fleur de Lotus Argan Oil soap.