Product List A-Z

Argan Soap Oil Collection

Bitter Almond Soap

Cinnamon and Orange Fragrance Candle by Plantes & Parfums

Cotton Flower Candle by Plantes & Parfums 

Cotton Flower Pillow Spray by Plants & Parfums 

Essential Oil Room Spray - Lavender and Olive by Savonnerie des Bormes

Essential Oil Room Spray - Natural Pine by Savonnerie de Bormes

Fleur de Coton Candle by Durance 

Gift Wraping 

Grapefruit soap 

Herbs de Provence Soap 

Jasmine Scented Bouquet 

Jasmine Scented Candle 

Jasmine Scented Pure Vegetable Wax Candle. 

Lait Soap (Milk) Natural Vegetable Oil Soap. 

Lavender Broyee 

Lavender Essential Oils Room spray by Savonnerie de Bormes

Lavender Marseille Soap 

Lavender Pillow Perfume by Durance en Provence

Lilac fragranced Marseille Soap

Lily of the Valley Soap - Muguet 

Lily of the Valley Marseille Soap . 

L'Ome After Shave by Durance en Provence 

L'Ome Eau de Toilette by Durance en Provence 

L'Ome After Shave Balm by Durance en Provence 

L'Ome Shower Gel by Durance en Provence 

L'Ome Shaving Cream by Durance en Provence 

L'Ome Shaving Soap and Ceramic dish by Durance en Provence 

Mandarin Fragranced Soap 

Marseille Soap Lilac

Marseille Soap Vetyver

Marseille Soap Lavender

Marseille Soap Palm Oil

Marseille soap Olive Oil

Marseille Soap Rose 

Olive de Provence Soap 

Olive Oil Marseille Soap 

Orange Blossom Scented Candle  

Orange Flower Marseille soap

Palm Oil Marseille Soap

Patchouli Soap

Rattan Sticks, REFILL pack of 20 for Fragrance Bouquets. 

REFILL Cinnamon and Orange Scented Bouquet

REFILL for Durance Jasmine Scented bouquet by Durance en Provence

REFILL for Durance Lavender Fragrance Bouquet 

REFILL for Rose Scented Bouquet 

REFILL for Verbena Scented Bouquet

Relaxing Body Lotion by Durance en Provence

Rose Broyee Soap - with rose petal pieces. 

Rose Scented Room Fragrance Bouquet by Durance en Provence

Rosemary Soap - Naturally antiseptic soothing. 

Green Tea Soap 

Tilleul Soap (Lime Blossom)

Vanilla Broyee Soap 

Verbena Broyee Soap 

Verbena Scented Candle by Durance 180g 

Verbena Scented Fragrance Bouquet by Durance 

Vetyver Marseille Soap