Geodesis Fragranced French Candles

Candlelight and fragrance create a magical mood and can transform your home as much as lighting and soft furnishings.

Geodesis make beautiful luxury affordable home fragrances, once you've tried them you can't live without them! They have a very loyal following.

GEODESIS placed all its know-how in the manufacturing of its scented candles. They are made of a mineral and vegetable waxes blend, in order to achieve outstanding efficiency, meanwhile respecting the environmental requirements. Their cotton safety wicks avoid any over-heating of the glass and are lead-free.

Geodesis' experience in candle manufacturing has enabled us to select the best waxes and thus to reach the required quality standards to be distributed in the most prestigious stores in New York, London, Tokyo, Milano, Geneva or Paris.

GEODESIS' 220 g - 7.8 oz. candles burn around 60 hours. Their efficiency is unanimously appreciated.

Agar Wood - A noble, intense scent used to make traditional Japanese incense.

Clove Tree - Soft and warm with just the tiniest bit of spice.

Fig Tree - Almost addictive, the Fig Tree fragrance is fresh, crisp, green and earthy. A top seller!

Freesia - A floral suave scent close to the Jasmine. It will leave a fresh flowery fragrance around your home.

Mimosa - A powerful, slightly powdery scent. The scent of early spring in the South of France. A ray of sunshine in the midst of winter!

Orange Tree - a light citrus fragrance with hints of orange blossom.