Bonjour and welcome to Frenchsoaps, the UK home of authentic and traditional soaps made in France.

Since 2012 we have been sourcing and supplying some of the very best products we can find including the iconic wall mounted rotating French soap, traditional Savon de Marseille cubes and tranches, fragrant Shea Butter Marseille soaps, natural liquid Marseille soaps as well as specialist soaps such as Aleppo soaps and Donkey's milk soaps. 

We stock the widest range  of French soaps  in the UK, including the iconic Provendi rotating wall mounted units and soap refills (school soap), natural laundry, French Soap Flakes, Savon de Marseille, Black Liquid Soap and many fragranced soap bar. 

Our ethos is to offer natural soaps made with natural ingredients. No parabens, no SLSs in our liquid soaps and only natural waxes and perfumes in candles and other home scenting. We are careful about what we want to put on our skin, wash our clothes with, use in our homes and ultimately release into the environment. We strive to reduce plastic in packaging to an absolute minimum, use only recycled parcel materials and ensure that all our products are biodegradable. Non of our products are tested on animals. 

NO parabens, NO artificial fragrances and NO sulphates. Just naturally French.