Put the kettle on, it's time for a Tea

Put the kettle on, it's time for a Tea

As a Yorkshire business it will come as no surprise that we love a cuppa! We also have many soaps that are fragranced with Tea.

Green Tea

...has an earthy, woody, green fresh scent that gives an invigorating and uplifting fragrance, you will find it in our soaps combined with Citrus Fruits, with Verbena, or Orange Blossom.  

Tea Flower

...brings an oriental floral scent that is warm and intriguing. You will find Tea Flower combined with Magnolia to give a really pretty and contemporary fragrance in both the palm free and extra gentle range with sweet almond oil.


....is the delicate, mysterious citrus fragrance found in your Earl Grey. We love it and it seems many of our customers do too!. This Organic Alpine Goat's Milk soap is one of our top sellers. Also consider a candle or diffuser

White Tea

...is more of a relaxing scent, a light citrus woody Jasmin fragrance. This features in one of our liquid Marseille Soaps from Fer a Cheval, combined with yuzu for a fresh, contemporary and uplifting scent.

Black Tea 

...has a earthy, woody smokiness with hints of amber and cedar. A year round favourite this scent is combined with Vanilla in a classic Market Soap bar or the star of the show in a candle or diffuser


How do you take yours? Will you add...

Oat Milk, a nutty fragranced delicate soap.
Coconut Milk, a fresh creamy soap.
Goat's Milk, a neutral and soothing soap
Almond Milk, a warm and slightly floral soap
As ever, we have various formulations for many fragrances so do contact us, 'we are happy to help' find the soaps most suitable for you or whoever you are buying for. 
Have you tried any of our 'tea' fragrances?