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The wonders of Shea Butter in handcream and soap

By Lizzy Smith on November 11, 2016

For me it's not the clocks going back or the darker evenings that signal the approach of winter - it's my hands!! They seem to become INSTANTLY dry and chapped by the changes in the weather and I have to go into full blown care and protect mode otherwise they really do become painful and unsightly. I find that I have to moisturise my hands several times a day, particularly before and after going outside and...

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Olive Oil - one of nature's wonder

By Lizzy Smith on June 10, 2016

Olives are one of natures wonders and Olive oil and olive leaf extract are used in many of our French soaps, body and bath products. Olive oil is closer in chemical structure to the skin's natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil and is the perfect moisturiser, especially for dry skin. It has regenerative properties and keeps skin soft and supple. Olive oil is the key ingredient in the world famous Savon de Marseille cubes...

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Verbena we love you we do!

By Lizzy Smith on April 17, 2016

Why do we love Verbena so much? At we see it as the universal scent; everyone likes it, men, women, children, young, old. It is fresh and clean with citrus spikes but not too harsh. It's sophisticated yet unfussy. It makes you feel good! It re-energises and refreshes. Verbena is a herb that grows extremely well in your herb garden. It's part of the mint family, and a bit like mint, Verbena can take over...

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Anti-ageing organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil

By Lizzy Smith on February 02, 2016

As I was whizzing around town in my car listening to Steve Wright on Radio 2 I was delighted to hear the latest celebrity gossip about Catherine Zeta-Jones and it was all glowing stuff. Her youthful looks, her dewy and radiant skin, how does she do it? Its all about Argan Oil and lashings of it! According to the Daily Mail, Catherine uses Argan Oil to moisturise her skin and says that she "saturates" her...

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Wall mounted rotating soap holder

By Lizzy Smith on January 19, 2016

Well James Martin has certainly caused a stir with his wall mounted French soap in his new Home Comforts series on BBC 1 15.45 on a Tuesday (Repeated on BBC2 on Saturday at 12.00) See Here for more details. He has the classic French rotating soap on his wall above his kitchen sink with the Lemon Soap and we have had lots of enquiries ever since!  Its a classic and enduring design: simple, neat and...

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French soaps with organic Argan Oil - not just pretty

By Lizzy Smith on January 06, 2016

Just like in the French Markets we have a vast array of these amazingly colourful and fragrant soaps. Close your eyes and just imagine the fragrant hit from this fabulous collection. These are Marseille soaps made in the authentic way with natural ingredients and enriched with organic Argan oil making them gentle and moisturising. They come in a wonderful range of natural fragrances with each fragrance named on the front of the bar in a stylish...

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Aromatic, stress relieving, antiseptic, sleep inducing, miracle working Lavender!

By Lizzy Smith on November 23, 2015

Lavender from Provence; a timeless modern classic that we know you absolutely love. Lavender is having a huge renaissance at the moment and rightly so.  With it's signature aromatic and crisp scent combined with so many beneficial properties for both mind and body it really is a miracle plant. It has relaxing and calming properties well known for reducing anxiety and aiding peaceful sleep  - try our pillow sprays, home perfumes and candles around your...

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Durance - who are they then?

By Lizzy Smith on November 17, 2015

See our Durance range - click here We've stocked Durance home scenting, body and bath products for a few years now and we are always impressed with their quality and provenance. For many people Durance products sum up Provence; pretty bottles, fragrant clean scents, dreamy and romantic styling. Here's a bit of background on this gem of a company:  Durance is a family run company founded and based in Grignan, Provence. They take their inspiration...

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Giant diffuser!

By Lizzy Smith on November 15, 2015

We just have to tell you about this fantastic addition to our home scenting range from Plantes & Parfums - a giant diffuser in a large cut glass bottle with twiddly reeds and a whopping 675ml of beautiful French perfume (that's more than a pint!). It's a stunning centre piece as well as being a lovely way to bring constant form of scent to your home. It makes a fantastic gift too!    Buy Fresh Verbena...

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Natural soy wax scented candles, handmade in France

By Lizzy Smith on November 15, 2015

In our opinion no one does candles quite as well as the French; they combine their perfume excellence with a heritage of candle making. We've got a range of fabulous scented candles in an array of scents perfect for the season like Orange & Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Salted Caramel (yes!) as well as the classic fragrances of Provence such as Lavender, Verbena, Rose and Fig. Candles are perfect for creating atmosphere with their soft glow...

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