Patchouli is a fantastic insect repellent, effective against flies and other bugs and Paisley shawls were traditionally layered with patchouli leaves to keep them fresh and bug free in transit.

What is the difference between black soap and Marseille soap?

Black soap and Marseille soap are very common products that have become part of the daily life of many households. Indeed, these soaps are known for their simplicity and their effectiveness in many situations. But do you really know the difference between Marseille soap and black soap? We explain here...

A Day Trip to the Savonnerie

A day trip to the savonnerie is always a treat. Meeting the people who we have such regular contact with, seeing new products, sniffing new fragrances and looking at new machines in the soap manufacturing and milling room. This year it was particularly good - not having been able to visit for a while and lots of closures due to Covid19 having made normal communication tricky.

A day trip around the Marseille coast

We went for a day trip today, setting off from Provence at 6.30 in the morning and ending up in Les Goudes, a typical fishing village at the end of the road out of Marseille. This small town has breathtaking views of the bay of Marseille and is the kicking off point for exploring the Calanques National Park.