Verbena we love you we do!

Verbena we love you we do!

Why do we love Verbena so much? At we see it as the universal scent; everyone likes it, men, women, children, young, old. It is fresh and clean with citrus spikes but not too harsh. It's sophisticated yet unfussy. It makes you feel good! It re-energises and refreshes. Verbena is a herb that grows extremely well in your herb garden. It's part of the mint family, and a bit like mint, Verbena can take over your herb plot! 

We have lots of Verbena products (or Verveine in French); beautiful soaps with organic Argan Oil or Shea Butter in them, liquid Marseille soaps, Eau de Toilette for a bit of a spritz in the morning, diffusers and home perfume sprays to freshen up your home and OF COURSE scented candles to banish cooking smells and look pretty. Have a look at our collection HERE

It's a great choice for gifting: you know that your present will be liked, used and appreciated, It's a great choice for your own home too; from banishing those wet doggy smells in the utility room to gently scenting the bathroom or guest bedroom with a diffuser.

That's why we love it.

If you want to try Verbena why not try our Citrus Spring selection - at only £10 for 4 soaps it's a great way to try this fabulous scent. Or one of our simple French scented candles - perfect for the kitchen.