September marks the end of the Summer. The kids go back to School, your other half leaves the house with more regularity (no more ‘working remotely’) and slowly but surely a semblance of normality returns to our home.

I like to tidy up, get rid of any clutter that has accumulated in the house as a result of Summer activities and holidays, then put away my cherished and essential Summer items (flip-flops, Provencal wicker-basket, handy kitchen sun-cream for the children) and start to get set for Autumn.

With the Autumnal challenge of the garden, pickling and the onset of colder weather, I need plenty of fragrant soap available at the kitchen sink and in our downstairs cloakroom, hand-cream to stop my hands cracking and some room sprays to keep just a hint of Provence lingering in the house.

And as the evenings start to cool off and end sooner than I would like, there is nothing more delightful than lighting some fragrant candles to give the kitchen and living area a serene air and a warm glow.

Here are some my favourite Autumn selections for you to enjoy in your home:


Lavender liquid Savon de Marseille and matching handcream. The soap comes in a fantastic 750ml size bottle too - perfect for the kitchen sink.


When I'm doing my mad clear away's (this weekend I tackled the utility room quelle horreur!) I just love to spritz the fresh and clean fragrance of Verbena to banish all lingering doggy and boy smells! 


In the evening I am enjoying the new smells of Autumn with the most amazing and unusual Havana candle by Geodesis, with warm tobacco overtones and musky notes. I am reminded that the time for lighting the fire is only just around the corner...