French Olive Oil Natural Soaps from

All our French olive oil soaps are made using traditional methods. For the purest Olive oil soaps try traditional Savon de Marseille made with 72% Olive oil and our range of Aleppo soaps made with Olive oil and Laurel Oil. Also see our Durance organic Olive Oil and Olive Leaf extract soaps. Olive oil soaps are excellent for sensitive skin. We have many natural French soaps that also contain Olive and Olive oil as an added ingredient, creating a moisturising soap with a fresh natural scent, a great family soap. Our liquid Marseille soaps are made with Olive oil are very kind to skin.

Our Olive Oil soaps contain no parabens and no SLSs. Made with natural ingredients, natural fragrances, made in small batches with environmentally friendly processes and all ingredients are biodegradable. Made in France in Provence.

Olives are one of natures wonders and Olive oil and olive leaf extract are used in many of our French soaps, body and bath products. Olive oil is closer in chemical structure to the skin's natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil and is the perfect moisturiser, especially for dry skin. Olive oil has regenerative properties and keeps skin soft and supple. Olive oil is the key ingredient in the world famous Savon de Marseille cubes and liquid soaps and is why these products are so kind and gentle on your skin and are suitable for use on sensitive and problem skin.

Durance uses organic Olives from Nyons which are harvested locally in Provence; they are prized for their fragrance and for richness in oil.

Products made with Olive oil are ideal for dry skin types, leaving your skin soft and silky, it regenerates and nourishes as well as protects.