Jasmine Refill and Replacement Reeds by Geodesis


A large 200ml refill with a pack of replacement reeds, clean and simple style lines: glass bottle, white reeds, packaged in a white box. This Jasmine scent is an unmistakable pure floral scent, with hints of the exotic. It is a beautiful Jasmine that you just want to keep on breathing in. Calming and restorative scent. 

Geodesis are relatively unknown in the UK but once you try them you will be very impressed - they hold there own against much bigger French perfumers such as Diptyque. 

Geodesis are all about perfume and they have been inspired by fragrances that are from all corners of the globe, bringing a range of unique, unusual and extremely refined perfumes together in their range of candles and diffusers. If you are looking for something different and stunning then this range is for you. 

You may also like the matching candle which is an absolute stunner - a really sophisticated scented candle.

200ml bottle comes with a pack of replacement reeds.