Yorkshire Natural Soap Flakes - Rapeseed, 500G


Made in Yorkshire

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Yorkshire Natural Soap Flakes - Rapeseed, 500G

Yorkshire Natural Soap Flakes - Rapeseed, 500G

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Made in Yorkshire by The Natural Washing Company with Yorkshire grown Rapeseed Oil  and inspired by French soap, Natural Soap Flakes are an economical, environmentally friendly and multi-use product for washing linen and clothes.

500g in a resealable compostable bag (please cut off the zip lock sealer from the top of the bag before putting in your compost bin) 

Yorkshire Soap Flakes

  • Free From: colourings, fragrances, optical brighteners, parabens, phosphates, sulphates, mineral based products and animal fats
  • Very economical (works out at between 4 - 6p per wash)
  • Natural product
  • Completely biodegradable product (and effluent)
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly, plant based natural ingredients
  • Palm Oil free product
  • Not tested on animals
  • Packaging made from recycled materials with a plant based natural film lining that ensures your soap flakes are kept dry. 
  • Compostable bag, just remove the top zip lock and pop the bag into your compost bin
  • Made in Yorkshire

Ideal for

  • Laundry washing: both hand washing and machine washing
  • Sensitive skin
  • Where there are septic/waste management tanks
  • Washing specialist sports performance and waterproofed kit
  • Delicate washing
  • Cleaning leather upholstery and other leather goods
  • General all purpose laundry product

How to use:

How to use: First of all make a laundry liquid: Mix 20g flakes with 0.5 litre of hot water, stir to dissolve. Allow to cool and decant into a tub with a lid. You can use this this mix straight away. Please note the liquid will set to a jelly like consistency overnight. This mix gives you: 10 hand washes or 7- 10 machine washes.

A 500g bag of Yorkshire Soap Flakes gives you 162 - 250 washes in total.

For hand washing - dilute the ready made mix in a bowl of warm water. Use 3 tablespoons (or a scoop) to 5 litres of warm water

For machine washing: use 3 - 5 tbs (or 1 - 2 scoops) depending on laundry of ready made mix into the drawer dispenser/washing ball. Every now and then run your washing machine on an empty hot wash cycle with a dose of white vinegar.  

Top tips:

For hard water areas you can add between 50-100mls of white vinegar (distilled) in the fabric conditioner compartment every now and then (this depends on how much washing you do, but start with every 2 months). You can do this in conjunction with a wash or you can run the machine empty and add. 

Vinegar has a natural softening action, so you can add to your laundry wash every time if you like! 

For brightening your whites, add 1 tbsp of Sodium Percarobante to your wash (or a small scoop of soda crystals) 

For a scented wash, add a few drops of essential oils to your washing liquid mix, whatever scent you like - good ones to add for washing are lavender, citrus or tea-tree. 


No Palm Oil, No parabens, no fragrances, no colourings, biodegradable and economical

Over time and as a result of exposure to light and humidity, the soap flakes may be subject to variations in colour and lose volume; nevertheless, it keeps its effectiveness. 

No Palm Oil, No parabens, no fragrances, no colourings, biodegradable and economical


If you have any questions please call us T.01423 803080 or email bonjour@frenchsoaps.co.uk

You can also read our FAQs here


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