Cottage Garden Marseille Soaps - BUY 5 SOAPS GET 1 FREE

£15.75 (was £18.90)

A new selection for our Cottage Garden mulitbuy

Imagine the floral scents of a country cottage garden: Rose, Lily of the Valley and pretty blossoms, et voila! our new Multibuy selection. These soaps are beautifully fragrant, enriched with Shea Butter for a moisturising lather keeping your hands soft and cared for.  In the new shape and PLASTIC WRAP FREE

5 SOAPS GET ONE FREE - 6 Marseille French soaps for the price of 5. 

6 x 100g Marseille French soaps with Shea Butter: 

  • Rose - lovely soft traditional Eglantine rose
  • Jasmine - sweet heady Jasmine - the scent of hot afternoons in France!
  • Lavender classic soap of Provence with a beautiful Lavender fragrance 
  • Muguet - soft white unmistakeable Lily of the valley
  • Verbena - fresh herbal citrus scent, everyone's favourite
  • Fleur D'Orange - sweet orange blossoms

6 x 100g Marseille French soaps with Shea Butter. Please note this soap is unwrapped.