Geodesis - Sophisticated Home Fragrance from Brittany

Geodesis - Sophisticated Home Fragrance from Brittany

Those that have been shopping with us for a while will know how much we love Geodesis. If you are new to us or the brand then read on....


Taking their inspiration from travelling the world, the sophisticated fragrances curated by the team at Geodesis (in Brittany) are designed to evoke and mimic scents and scenes of locations around the globe. Unique, exquisite and of a quality that rivals some of the most renowned perfume houses in Paris but at a more accessible price point.

There are 14 fragrances to choose from.


Geodesis use natural sunflower wax for healthy homes. This wax burns really evenly and slowly. Made without paraffin or soy make these candles far more hypoallergenic than standard candles and leave your home with 'clean' air. 


The Candles, in dark glass, have a matching lid and a burn time of 40h, whilst the Diffusers are unboxed and delivered with one set of reeds which left in will give around 2 months of home fragrance.

Relatively unknown in the UK Geodesis is a HIDDEN GEM of a brand, founded in 1996 and still going strong, you don't sustain that in a packed category if you aren't doing something special. 


 We find that once people try them they are hooked on their exquisite fragrances.


Which to choose?


Our year round best sellers are Fig and Agar Wood and Neroli

For Spring: Bergamot, think earl grey tea. Mimosa, pretty and delicately floral.

For Easter:  Sugar Cane, a beautifully sweet warm fragrance that brings a smile to everyone that smells it. Tonka, is gorgeous, a heady mix of Almond, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

For Summer: Tuberose, Gardenia both rich floral and reassuring!

For Autumn: Long Pepper, slightly spicy and warm or Amber which also has a hint of sweetness to it. 

For Winter:  Havana is musky and leathery and smoky and all round slightly naughty! Jasmin is a pretty fragrance for January. Slightly oriental and fresh floral it will brighten your days when the weather is dull and dark.

For Christmas:  Clove, this is rounded and intense, our owner at French Soaps uses this year round. Fir, Christmas in a fragrance, bringing the scents of fresh pine into your home.

All available as a Diffuser too! 

As ever, we are happy to help. Call or chat if you have any questions.