Sizing Up

Sizing Up

We're often asked about the size of our soap bars and which to choose.

As standard any 'regular' size and readily available soap bar is about 100g; Dove 90g, Imperial Leather 100g, Pears 125g. 

Our 'standard' size bars are 100g or 125g depending upon the savonnerie they are from. Great for cloakrooms, everyday use and older hands.

Our supersize bars are 250g, we call these bath & shower bars as they are chunky and last much longer and so suited to this use. In reality these can of course be used in your kitchen, cloakroom or wherever required! Some people, often our older customers, find them a little big to hold so do consider this depending upon who you are buying for. 


The picture shows a 250g next to a 100g bar, when we say 'supersize' we mean it!